Gabriel Taksa  was first introduced to the world of Drum & Bass in early 1997. It was a small, camouflage-filled room at a rave in Pomona, California where "jump- up" was blasting from the speakers .  However, it wasn't until 1999, after being completely enveloped in the underground hip-hop scene, that he began to grow an appreciation for the Drum & Bass genre.  Utilizing his inspiration from the hip hop scene and combining it with his new-found love for DnB, Taksa took to the decks with a fierce ambition of incorporating scratching into his mixing. With the ushering in of a new millennium  in 2000 he picked up the tag he is now currently known by  "Southpaw" and began what has been, up to present day, an over decade-long journey of perfecting the mix and the scratch. 


     In 2003, Southpaw landed a spot on, where he presently hosts a bimonthly show on Fridays from 3-5 p.m. (PST).  Over the years he has been influenced by many different styles of Drum & Bass, spinning anything from Neuro- Funk to dark amen breaks and melodic/ atmospheric inspired tunes; all along implementing his technique of scratch performance with the stabs, crabs and flares. Taking influence from quality music regardless of genre, you can simply describe Southpaw as someone who loves music. 


     In 2006 Southpaw's DJ mixes caught the ear of international Drum & Bass icon MCMC, who asked him to join the LA based crew Grapevinez Intl., where he became an influential player in the San Fernando Valley DnB scene.  2009 rang in with opportunity knocking and Taksa was asked to team up with long time friends and music affiliates Divine Elements.  He signed on as the scratch DJ, bringing a new "element" to an already diverse live performance. In addition to being the scratch DJ, he has been involved on the production side of things recently, remixing such tunes as Lobotomy and Judgement Day (from Divine Elements' 2010 sophomore album "The Greater Unknown"). Today, Southpaw continues to bring heat to D.E,'s live performance as they continue to gain international acclaim together.