Ryan Pepple, otherwise known as Ru, has been involved in the electronic dance music community in Southern California since 1998, however his love for music has been an ever-growing fire since childhood. Learning guitar at the age of 10, Ru enveloped himself in melodies and rhythm which lead him later into playing the bass guitar as well. Growing up, his inspiration was everything from classical music to hip hop and electronic to heavy metal and classic rock; however it wasn't until 1998 that he was finally introduced to Drum & Bass. Instantly intrigued by the quick drum patterns and driving basslines, he took to DJing and spent the next year sharpening his skills.


    In 1999, Ru came to meet one of LA's up and coming promoters/DJs Devin Dilmore who was on the rise with his event company H20 Productions. The two strangers became best of friends over the following years as well as DJing partners.  Ru guested on the H20 roster at numerous events including H20's weekly night entitled Rhythm Lounge and Liquid Butterfly and later on became involved in the San Fernando Valley based production crew Grapevinez International run by MCMC, which hosted some of the top talent from around the world at the most acclaimed venues in Los Angeles. Ru has graced the decks alongside the likes of such names as Pendulum, Nicky Blackmarket, Cause For Concern, Future Prophecies, Invaderz, Hive, Gridlok and more. 


    In 2003 the time had come to start writing his own music.  He and Devin, aka Concise, started out on a mission that eventually lead to the creation of Divine Elements.  Ru has released 2 albums under the name Divine Elements and performed countless shows across the United States under the alias including performances at such prestigious venues as the Highlands in Hollywood, the Roxy, the Key Club, the Henry Fonda Theatre and more.  What has made Divine Elements so unique in it's upcoming has been Ru and Concise's vision of live performance from the start, becoming one of the first major players in live performance of the genre.  It hadn't been since Roni Size and that anyone had represented the genre on the live platform to the scale that Ru and Concise had taken it to.


    Ru's involvement with D.E. has gained him respect internationally in the Drum & Bass community.  Currently he continues to work on new music as part of Divine Elements as well as collaborating with groups like Have You Heard (H.U.H.), which involves a fusion of downtempo and funk, and a new Dubstep project soon to be gracing record labels everywhere. Be on the lookout for this rising talent.