Kris Jung


    Kris Jung has been a veteran of the alternative rock and underground rave scenes since 1993. Born into a musical family and raised in the san fernando valley, he has put his mark on the sound of southern california with the local success of his rock and beat box projects. With his creative know how and 10 years experience working with multiple genres of music as a songwriter, being a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist player, It is no wonder why he fits so well in one of the most progressive and diverse electronic dance groups of the decade: Divine elements. 


    Kris's Unique Break Beat and Drum & Bass beat box skills have earned him spots on countless underground line ups in the Los Angeles rave scene. As he performed more and more gigs over the years, the attention of many was garnered nationally. As a result Kris is now a composer for fox sports television as well as many other T.V. and movie projects. He has been seen performing shows with Into This, Cypress Hill, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, The Glitch Mob, DJ Spooky, Juan Atkins, Aphroditie, The Hardkiss Brothers and was featured in the human beat box documentary "Breath Control" along side Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie,Raxel and Mario C of The Beastie Boys. Kris was also featured in the world's first human beat box compilation CD "The Human Element" in which he placed his unique brand of beat box/rock.    When kris is not composing original music for television, movies or video games he can be seen touring the country and playing gigs with 1 of his 3 original  music projects: Mal, Kelp and Divine Elements.