Doppler got his start in early 2003 with the help of North Carolina based collective Imperial Camp. Headlining many events and opening for countless international acts, Doppler was on his way to making his alias a Drum & Bass household name.  In the middle of his growing DJ success, Doppler tested the waters of the production world.  Spending hours upon hours diving into the world of music production has proven itself a fruitful journey as he has since worked along side some of the industry's top players and further into his current affiliation with Divine Elements as one of their key production artists.


     Over the course of 2007-2011, Doppler kept his nose to the grindstone, working harder and faster to pursue his dream with the music he loves.  This pursuit has lead him to tour countries such as Columbia, helping to begin a lasting weekly event by the name of "Damn it's Friday", and further traveling across Europe for gigs in France, Poland, Germany and other various countries.  During the course of 2009, he was introduced with the opportunity of working with acclaimed stateside production group Kryteria, who he will be sharing releases with including a 12" vinyl coming soon from C4C (Switzerland) and Trust In Music (Germany).


    Currently Doppler is a synthesist and production partner of Divine Elements, having performed in Hollywood, Pittsburgh and Miami at such highly acclaimed venues as The Music Box, Mekka and various other locations.  He continues to prove himself as a rising star with his high energy and style that is smashing dancefloors internationally.