Dave Ferina


     Drummer Dave Farina grew up as a classical pianist, of all things. Studying from an early age, he developed to a virtuosic level, participating in competitions throughout the northeast. Upon beginning studies at Carleton College, however, his focus switched to percussion. He simultaneously began learning drumset and a multitude of ethnic percussions. Under mentor Jay Johnson, he became well-versed in Ghanaian, Afrocuban, Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, Balinese, and orchestral percussion, all while developing his skills on the drums with various student bands. After college he moved to California, and his musical tastes continued to grow, encompassing modern rock, jazz fusion, and electronica, all of which inform his unique style.


     Dave joined Divine Elements in 2010, and brings to the band a firm dedication towards reproducing seemingly daunting electronic beats in an organic context. You can also see Dave performing drums/keys/vocals in the indie-synthpop group "Plus".