Devin J. Dilmore has been rocking the decks since he was the ripe age of 14. Starting out with a single turntable and a 303, Devin started buying all the necessary gear with money saved up from part time jobs.  This promising young Dj, that wasn’t even old enough to drive, began playing in local bars and clubs in his hometown under the Dj name, D.J.D. A year later, D.J.D. created his very own production company, H2O Productions. After throwing countless electronic dance events, the masses began to pay attention to D.J.D. His musical passion and Dj Skills were heard through many of his mix tapes such as "San Fernando Session“, “Heart condition” and "Introducing Concise," getting air play on the likes of DJ Rap's satellite radio show, earning himself residencies at some of the biggest night clubs in Los Angeles: Liquid Butterfly and Grapevinez International. 

    Around 2003 he said good bye to throwing events. He began experimenting with beats and starting producing music of his own with a new Dj name ‘Concise.  His vast knowledge of the technology and a great ear for good music proved him to be a perfect fit for collaboration with another artist who shared the same passion. That other artist proved to be none other than Ryan Pepple, aka Ru.  The duo, known as ‘Divine Elements’ has made a presence in the Drum and Bass scene as one of the first live drum and bass acts. In 2005, he released his first full length LP entitled “Defining Moment” under the D.E. alias and received healthy acclaim throughout the United States making Divine Elements a well-established name. He left on the first ‘Divine Elements’ tour, "Element of Surprise” and began his journey to further the progression of the scene. He has since enjoyed immense success blowing up dance floors and hitting all the major states and cities such as, Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, Arizona, New Mexico, Seattle, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. Also performing along side such international artist as Pendulum, Nicky Blackmarket, Cause 4 Concern, HIve, Liquid Stranger, Dylan, Gridlok, Joe Nice, Future Prophecies and Tech Itch.  His most recent well-received album ‘The Greater Unknown’ earned the group a signing to Simplify Recordings, garnering airplay on multiple international radio shows including X-Site Radio, and a now infamous broadcast on the prestigious BBC Radio 1xtra UK radio show. 

     Devin’s passion for his music is infectious; one cannot help but be visually and audibly stimulated by his performances.  When he is not producing music or Djing, Devin is establishing his multimedia company, 101 Exit. His long background profession of sound design and music supervision for short films, TV commercials and music videos has provided him the knowledge and experience to become one of the most prominent emerging production companies, producing music videos for his own projects and many other well-known artists.

    His passion for drum and bass music is strong, but he does not stick to one genre. He also has produced a vast amount of tracks in other genres such as hip hop, down tempo, electro and dub step (under the production name ‘Codex’). Devin is also part of the up and coming music group "HAVE YOU HEARD.” (H.U.H.) which involves a fusion of downtempo and funk.  Be on the lookout for releases world wide on numerous record labels from this emerging talent.