Brian Bekian


    Brian Bekian Joined up with Divine Elements (Concise and Ru) in 2008, brining his signature sound of hybrid punk- metalcore to their already eclectic sound. Brian was first featured on D.E.'s sophomore album "The Greater Unknowm" with solo guitar work on their widely popular tune "Everlasting." His signature sound has broadened D.E.'s palette as well as created a bigger and better stage presence with their live act. Being no newcomer to the genre, Brian has produced under the alias Psionic since 2005, working alongside the likes of Alex Sky (Andy Caldwell, Groove Junkies), Big Eye Music (Nephilim, Versailles),  and Chi King (WuTang Clan). Further works have included collaborating with 3 time Emmy Award- winning composer Russell Brower. Current projects include Brian's production skills hard at work as he's had his hand in some of Divine Elements new dubstep projects, showing his versatility not only as a musician, but a well-rounded producer.